Coffee Nap: Can Caffeine Before a Nap Boost Energy Levels?

Drinking espresso before a nap may seem counterintuitive.

Nevertheless, many individuals endorse this particular pattern as a means to increase energy levels.

This article provides a detailed appearance at the science powering coffee naps and whether or not they offer benefits.

What’s a Coffee Nap?

Coffees Nap

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A espresso nap refers to consuming coffee before sleeping for a quick time.

This’s believed to increase energy due to the effect of its on adenosine, a substance which advances sleeping (1Trusted Source).

When you feel exhausted, adenosine spreads through the body of yours in higher quantities. After you go to sleep, adenosine amounts begin to drop.

Caffeine competes with adenosine for receptors within the brain of yours. So while caffeine does not reduce adenosine in the body of yours as rest does, it prevents this particular compound from being obtained by the brain of yours. Thus, you’re feeling much less drowsy (1Trusted Source, two, 3Trusted Source).

Researchers believe that drinking espresso before a nap might increase power levels, as sleep allows your body get rid of adenosine. In turn, caffeinated drinks has to participate with fewer adenosine for the receptors inside the brain of yours (1Trusted Source).

Put simply, sleep might enhance the consequences of coffee by boosting the accessibility of receptors for caffeinated drinks in the brain of yours. That is the reason a coffee nap may improve energy more than simply drinking coffee or even sleeping.

You might think that drinking coffee will stop you from napping, but keep in your mind that it takes some time until your body seems the consequences of caffeine.


A coffee nap requires consuming coffee before sleeping for a brief time. It is believed to increase energy by improving your brain’s capacity to get caffeine.

Timing Your Coffee Intake as well as Naps Most pros suggest that the simplest way to carry a coffee nap is consuming caffeine before dropping off to sleep for around 15 20 mins (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

This timing is advised partly since it usually takes about that long to really feel the consequences of caffeinated drinks (5Trusted Source).

Additionally, you might fall into a kind of deep sleep called slow wave sleep in case you sleep for a more or half-hour.

Waking up during slow-wave sleep can result in snooze inertia, an express of disorientation and drowsiness. It is believed that restricting coffee naps to somewhat less than thirty minutes might stop this particular (6Trusted Source).

The time of day time that someone needs a coffee nap might in addition be crucial.

A study that is small in twelve healthy parents discovered that individuals that had 400 mg of caffeinated drinks – the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee – 6, 3 or maybe zero hours before bed each experienced disrupted rest (7Trusted Source).

This research suggests that it might be best to use coffee naps for more than 6 hours before bedtime.

Lastly, the quantity of caffeine eaten before a coffee nap seems to influence its effectiveness.

Most research indicates that 200 mg of caffeinated drinks – aproximatelly 2 cups of coffee – will be the rough amount you have to feel much more vigilant and revived upon waking (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source, 8Trusted Source).


Drinking approximately 2 cups of espresso before asleep for twenty minutes may be the very best way to enjoy the benefits of coffee naps. In order to stay away from nighttime rest disturbances, caffeinated drinks intake should cease 6 hours before bed.

Do Coffee Naps Really Provide you with More Energy?

Though the reasoning behind coffee naps appears to be plausible, research to help the promises that they improve energy much more than coffee or naps by itself is limited.

Nevertheless, the handful of studies which exist are promising.

A report in twelve adults demonstrated that individuals which needed 200 mg of caffeine accompanied by a 15 minute nap before being put within a generating simulator for 2 hours felt ninety one % less tired behind the wheel than people who did not have caffeine along with a snooze (4Trusted Source).

The study even discovered that people who did not entirely drift off during the nap time nevertheless encountered enhanced vitality (4Trusted Source).

A comparable analysis in ten individuals discovered that people who needed 150 mg of caffeinated drinks just before asleep for under fifteen minutes experienced considerably less drowsy during their 2 working hours within a generating simulator, when compared to management team (9Trusted Source).

A tiny analysis demonstrated that having to take 200 mg of caffeinated drinks accompanied by a 20 minute nap is much more successful at boosting performance and energy in computer duties than napping along with face washing or maybe contact with light that is bright (5Trusted Source).

Finally, additional research indicates that consuming caffeine and also taking naps together increases energy and alertness during night work much more than caffeine or even sleep by itself (8Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source).

While the results of these experiments imply that coffee naps work at improving energy, they are little and make use of caffeine in tablet form.

Additional research is necessary to assess just how liquid coffee before naps enhances alertness and energy upon waking.


Some research indicates that combining caffeinated drinks with naps is additional energizing than sleep or caffeine alone. Nevertheless, more research is necessary to find out whether these results apply especially to consuming coffee before naps.

Must you Take Coffee Naps?

It is not surprising that lots of people wish to test taking coffee naps to increase energy levels or even improve alertness.

Nevertheless, research to help support the usefulness of coffee naps is restricted.

In case you are keen on incorporating coffee naps into the day of yours, always keep in mind the kind and quantity of coffee you drink.

The serving of caffeine used in many scientific studies is equivalent to roughly 2 cups of coffee. Consuming this particular amount of fluid coffee probably has the same consequences as taking caffeine pills when a nap, but hasn’t been tested.

Moreover, drinking coffee with additional flavors or sugars before sleeping might decrease the effectiveness of an espresso nap – black espresso is a much healthier choice.

Finally, too much caffeine consumption is able to result in restlessness, anxiety, other issues and muscle tremors in certain individuals. Caffeine might likewise disrupt sleep if ingested under 6 hours before foundation (7Trusted Source).

Many health professionals agree that up to 400 mg of caffeine one day – the equivalent of aproximatelly 4 cups of espresso – is safe for many folks (11Trusted Source, 12Trusted Source).

Remember this suggested maximum daily caffeine intake in case you raise your coffee consumption to begin taking coffee naps.


While coffee naps may enhance energy levels, you will still have to be aware of the type of amount and coffee of caffeinated drinks you consume.

The Bottom Line

Coffee naps could increase energy much more than coffee or even sleeping alone, although research to help this influence is limited.

About two cups of coffee before a 20 minute nap might be the very best way to enjoy benefits.

In order to stay away from nighttime sleep disturbances, quit drinking coffee at least 6 hours before bed.

Coffee naps may definitely be well worth a try, so long as you do not go overboard in your caffeine consumption.

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