The substantial plate windowpanes on the Galleria Cafe in Abu Dhabi’s Al Nahyan Camp district are ideal for eyeing up the small community of streets beyond though the intense heating outside implies all of the activity is internal.

The sounds of The buzz and khaliji music of Saturday afternoon cafe:

goers meld of all the clouds of cigarette smoke cigarettes. I am sipping on Moroccan tea awaiting Ali Ahmad, 1 of our ardent followers and fans on the Abu Dhabi World Instagram web page, whom regulary articles, and also tags us, in several of the most awe inspiring shots he has had of Abu Dhabi.
‘IT advisor by field …

Photographer by passion’, it claims on Ahmad’s insta webpage whose feed yields the familar without as common websites on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, combined with a sprinkling of Pakistan landscaping as well.

which does Amad aim the lens of his and what makes his camera simply click almost all?

“You’ll usually fine me hanging about Etihad Towers,” he says.”I love it there and the unity which the structure represent.” Etihad Towers Abu DhabiAhmad usually uses reflections showing of the subject of his when taking photogrpahs. This single shows Etihad Towers.
Then on the guidelines is an architectual gem which greets individuals as they go into the capital, the Aldar Head Quarters and that is believed to function as the very first circular construction of the kind of its within the Middle East.

Aldar Head Quarters Abu DhabiThe instantaneously recognisable:

Aldar HQ development is situated in the Al Raha location of the community. Those familar with Abu Dhabi already are aware of the city’s corniche region. 8 kilometres in length, it is ideal for biking, walking or simply sittiing to ingest the ocean view. It is not hard to find out why this room is 1 of Ahmad’s favourites also.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

Type Abu Dhabi in online search engine and on social networking and also Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tops the summary of earnings. It is also among the capital’s many instagrammable websites and, clearly, it is produced Ahmad’s favourite list.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

For all those that do not understand Abu Dhabi, and really the UAE, it is not hard to believe which when Abu Dhabi is pointed out then it is the capital city that’s being refered to. But Abu Dhabi is an emirate of what the capital styles factor. Within the emirate are also cities like The Abu and al Ain Dhabi suburb of Al Wathba, in which you are able to notice flamingoes, as well as camel racing (probably not in exactly the same time). Al Wathba is additionally the keeper on the Fossil Dunes, a reduced recognized site that has made it to Ahmad’s guidelines.

Fossil Dunes Abu DhabiThe Fossil Dunes are a quick drive:

from Abu Dhabi community centre Deeper in to the emirate, Ahmad’s guidelines requires us with the Liwa Oasis within the Rub’ Al Khali wasteland, famed for its dunes as well as vivid camels which Ahmad captures in almost all the glory of theirs.

camels aren’t the sole beauties being discovered holding :

a desert landscape. “You should additionally look as much as the sky,” affirms Ahmad, who is also grabbed several photos of Milky Way.

The pandemic has placed the braking system on Ahmad’s excursions beyond the city but not on taking pictures, which he does through his apartment ovelooking the community. This single used as a result of the Al Nahyan Camp location of the city looking towards Al Wadha is among the favourites of mine, not since I reside in the exact same locality, but since I’m really huge fan of urban landscapes and this captures that wonderfully.

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